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I want to focus on #3 because it's the fastest way to inject more income into your business in only.

Money on tap – I'll show you an easy way to add more value for your clients, collect a ton of testimonials and transformation pictures and add more revenue to your bottom line... WITHOUT IT COSTING YOU A SINGLE PENNY.

I want to focus on #3 because it's the fastest way to inject more income into your business in only.

Money on tap – I'll show you an easy way to add more value for your clients, collect a ton of testimonials and transformation pictures and add more revenue to your bottom line... WITHOUT IT COSTING YOU A SINGLE PENNY.

INTRODUCING: The Fitness Game Changer Program

It is an 8-week, advanced nutrition and accountability program that I offer to my clients between three to four times per year.

The accidental discovery that lead me to create The Fitness Game Changer. Little did I know, it was also going to be a one of my biggest profit centers for my business.

Here's how it came about...

As I got more clients, I was forced to work more on my business and focus more on the back office stuff. It's probably something you can relate to.

Even though I felt like I was reaching and helping a ton more people on a broader level, I felt that I could do more to give my clients a little more individualized attention to help them get even faster results.

I missed reaching people on a deeper level and really helping them take it to the next level.

So that's when I decided to run this program where I could give my clients more attention, a better game plan and a timeline to achieve their new goals.

It was a huge hit and it sold out fast!

And that's when I realized that I was onto something.

Here's Why:

Some people just want the best that you have to offer...

You see, there are a certain percentage of people that just have to have the best or most expensive program that you have to offer.

It's the 80/20 rule. Twenty percent of your clients are willing to, and in fact want to buy your best programs.

Take cable TV for example, I know lots of people that hardly watch TV but have the most expensive package.

I have a lot of friends that have the best iPhone with the most memory knowing they will never come close to filling it up before the next one comes out.

You will get members to sign up just because you are offering a higher level of service. And those who take your premium program end up doing the best and achieving the best results.

Others want to be the first to do something...

These are your adventurer clients and will sign up just because it's new and exciting and they want to be the first ones to do it.

Either way, it's a no brainer for your clients and you will easily fill up the first program.

And with my done for you emails and PDF that walks you through exactly how to run the program it's a no brainer for you too!

The cool thing about this program is that it keeps on selling itself!

This program will create a buzz in your program and get everyone talking about it and with the results your clients that are in the program will be getting it will have your other clients lined up to get started on the next one!

But Don't Take My Word On It... Hear what these other Fitness Professionals have to say about the Game Changer Program...

I have personally been running this program for the past 2 years and have only told a few of my fellow Fit Body Boot Camp owners about it – and they've gotten amazing results from the Game Changer program, just like I did.

Here is what they have to say...

"Thanks for showing me the game changer. It works great. It did exactly what you told me it would. It gave great results to my members that did it and it help raise the bottom line an extra $3200.

I limited it to only 8 people the first time because I did not know how much work it would take. We got more money by giving our members better results. Now I have a ton more testimonials.

The only thing is, I wish that I had did it sooner. I can't wait to offer it again"

Tien Do
Owner at La Habra Fit Body Boot Camp

"Game Changer, the name speaks for it self, that's exactly what this is to you as a business owner, and to the clients that you're serving. Personally, I'm pumped that Jeff has came up with this awesome program! It is a winning program for everyone involved! For you as a business owner it will give you an extra 3-7k every 2 months.

Also, you will have a ton of amazing testimonials from your clients after they all get results. Which is a win for your clients, because now they have game changers to help with the support and nutrition accountability they've been looking for. So for little to no start-up cost, this program is a no brainer to get started in your business right away today!"

Jon Cookle
Owner at Minneapolis Fit Body Boot Camp

Doing the Jeff's Fitness Game Changer promotion has helped me generate at least $7000 the two times that I have done it. It also has produced several amazing success stories and has helped me get my clients better results- leading to higher retention and higher client attraction because of their testimonials.

I'm excited to continue to do this 3-4x per year, to generate extra income and help my clients get better results!

Stephanie Flynn
Owner at Tulsa Fit Body Boot Camp

The 12 week Game Changer Program has been a great addition to my FBBC. I have already done it twice with my FBBC and it has helped our members get the advanced nutrition and accountability they really needed to breakthrough and see significant results.

Jeff makes it easy and done for you to implement. He has a system from start to finish that makes this program a great success for your members and also an added revenue source for your business.

I highly recommend this program to any fitness boot camp or fitness professional if you want to add more income to your bottom line and also help your members who really need the extra help with nutrition.

It's a perfect win-win for everyone. Thank you Jeff for all your help and support!

Thank you

Israel LoBue

"The Game Changer Program added tremendous value to our members who needed that extra support and accountability. It was a great opportunity for us to get to know our members even better as we are out of the training aspect and for us that was very valuable. We added a few thousand dollars to our bottom line each month we implemented it as well.

Some clients really require that extra attention and Game Changer provided that and the results were amazing. We will keep it as a part of our program and absolutely worth it!"

Cara & John Eckerman
Owners at Chino Hills and Brea Fit Body Boot Camps

"Here's why I think you should use Jeff's Game Changer Program: If you're serious about growing a highly profitable fitness business the sooner you stop training people the sooner that will happen, work on the business not in the business.

However, you will learn as we all have that you must maintain an active relationship with all of your business' clients and be part of the culture. Not only does the Game Changer program do that it's an untapped revenue stream."

Cabel McElderry
Director, One-to-1 Fitness / Fit Body Boot Camp Red Deer, The Profitable Personal Trainer, Keulian Inc 7-Figure Business Coach

This program worked well for them and their clients and it will do the same for you!

In fact, if you have 30 or more clients in your group training or boot camp business then you stand to make a LOT of money with this promotion.

Now is a great time to get started with a program like this because it's the only thing I know that will instantly boost your profits in just six days without you having to spend another dime on marketing your business.

That's the awesome thing about this program... it's something that you offer to your current clients... and it's a program that will give your clients even faster results.

What if you could turn $19.99 into a few Thousand Dollars in Just six days?

Now you can, because that is all you will have to invest to get access to this program. I want to get it into as many fitness professionals' hands as possible because I know the value it has added to my friends and my businesses.

And to make the deal even better I am going to give you 2 FREE months of my Fit Clients Software ($39.98 Value)!

My Fit Clients Software will automatically help you keep your clients accountable and make it super easy to collect, create, and display their testimonials.

And If you choose to keep using Fit Clients after your Game Changer promotion and 60 day trial is finished, it's only $19.95 a month.

  • THE Exact Step By Step Instructions on how to make this program successful for you and for your clients

And on top of that I want to offer you a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee! So you have plenty of time to run the program and see if it works for you. If not, just ask for a refund and I'll give you your money back no questions asked!

Only $19.99
Fitness Game Changer promotion with 60 day Fit Clients Trial
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